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Dc TV Shared Universe: Should it happen?

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Arrow. The Flash. Gotham and Constantine. These are our current Dc tv shows, with Supergirl and most likely Teen Titans (Titans) coming to tv as well. Now we know for sure that they are going to keep the movie and tv universes separate, which I believe is the best idea. Why? Because you don’t want to constrain the story telling of the creatives behind the television shows, just because of events happening in the movie universe (case in point agents of shield). But that doesn’t mean that they should also separate their tv universes.

It’s easy for us to say that they should have all the tv shows connected in the one universe, but there are so many different forces at work that might stop that. The main one being is that the tv shows are spread out over a number of different tv networks. The Flash and Arrow can crossover whenever they want because they’re on the same network and are created by the same people. But what about Constantine and Arrow? Constantine is on NBC while Arrow is on The CW. It becomes a whole lot more difficult when that happens.

But let’s just say we will live in a perfect world and you can cross all these tv shows over the different networks. Should they? Well for me the answer is yes and no. For one I don’t think Gotham should cross over with any other tv shows. And I don’t think they can anyways. Gotham is set in the past, whilst the other tv shows are set in present day. Also Gotham shouldn’t be existing in a universe where The Arrow or The Flash exists, it just totally fucks up their story telling when you’re trying to create this story about a gritty, realistic city, with The Flash running around knocking out the Penguin.

Then you have Constantine. This is a weird one for me. We haven’t gotten a chance to really see the world this show is set in (unless you’ve seen the leaked pilot of course) so I can’t really say for sure if this should be connected to Arrow and The Flash. There were talks about a Justice League Dark movie for a long time, and we know Guillermo Del Tero is still working on it, and he said he would be more than happy to have the same Constantine if it works with his script. So maybe that would be a better option than connecting it with Arrow and The Flash. Constantine’s world is just so different compared Arrow and The Flash’s world, with demons and spirits, Constantine instead should totally connect with Supernatural! I mean Constantine and Castiel both already wear the same kind of thing, I can totally see a Castiel/Constantine team up episode!

supernatural and Constantine cross over episode

Um yes please, can you imagine how awesome this would be??

Now let’s talk about the shows that haven’t started yet. Supergirl and Teen Titans, or Titans, as they have decided to call it. Even though we haven’t had a chance to see these two shows yet, I reckon they should connect them to the The Flash and Arrow, unless they’re connecting Supergirl to the Man of Steel universe. For one, Roy Harper is already on Arrow, so you can totally have him pop up on Titans. Also Arrow has constantly been popping up in Bludhaven, home base of one of my favourite heroes, Nightwing. And we know they’re going to make Nightwing the lead, so have him pop up in Arrow first next time they’re in Bludhaven, and then give him his own show. And Supergirl I believe will have a similar tone to The Flash. And now that we know The Flash is going to be introducing us more deeply to a world of people with crazy super powers, having Supergirl pop up in The Flash makes sense for that world.

So do you think there should be a shared dc tv universe? Also do you like me want to see a Constantine/Castiel team up episode? Let me know!

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  1. They should have the dc be a shared universe with the movies because when you really think about it doesnt really restrict the storytelling really lets look at the marvel cinematic universe just because something happens in a movie doesnt always mean they have to reference it on the tv show or vice versa


  2. Sorry, old post I know but I felt like replying to this.

    Gotham isn’t exactly set in the past, it’s a modern day retelling of the Batman origins while focusing heavily on Jim Gordon’s days as a police officer trying to clean up the city (He would make a convincing Batman actually.). Cell phones, computers all exist in that world.. so it’s hardly the past.

    Arrow and Gotham have the most in common, Arrow started out, and is still pretty much down to earth, no supernatural or superpowered elements to the show other than that one crossover with the Flash. Arrow doesnt seem like it should fit in the Flash verse but it works, so would a Gotham and Constantine thing. For the most part you wouldn’t really have to have demons and ghosts appear on any of the shows other than Constantine, you can assume other people dont believe in them and have never witnessed them in their lives. Obviously Constantine gets himself involved with every supernatural matter and thats the only reason we see them so much, he could easily avoid them and never once bump into a demon for the rest of his live.

    Constantine and Gotham have two guys who would become the Spectre, you dont exactly have to goto Gotham to have a crossover, somewhere down the line you could kill off Crispus Allen on Gotham, and have him appear on a few episodes of Constantine as the new spectre.

    The rest of the DC shows that you missed, or wasnt announced at the time would be Amazon, which was put on hold so they could fasttrack the Flash, Young Justice, Static Shock, a possible Booster Gold show.. others too but I forget. Young Justice will be on the CW apparently and the Flash/Arrow guys are working on Amazon and were wanting to work on Booster Gold. They’ve said they wouldnt rule out a crossover between Titans and Arrow-verse either, and Berlanti is working on the Supergirl show and the team would like a crossover with the verse, the showrunner (or was it president of the network) wants to keep it for themselves for a while.

    At this point, it doesnt really make sense to keep the dc tv universes separate, but you can only wish I guess! 😛 Also about Constantine and Supernatural, I’ve had that idea for a while now, it would fit perfectly, only Constantine at the moment is going on about the “Rising Darkness”, it seems like a thing the Winchesters would get involved with, or have knowledge of it as soon as it starts, Crowley is king of hell, surely he’d know too. I guess you could have it set after this season having a few episodes build up the whole rising darkness story having it all culminate during a crossover event. I also think that Grimm might work slightly too, sure Grimm compared is kinda on the “charmed” cheese level, but theres quite a few handwaves for things that exist. Constantine occasionally mentions “Glamour” spells, allowing beasts to appear human (or to make a corpse look like himself.). Supernatural has had a few monsters such as dragons and whatever else appear human, and Castiel can see through these disguises and see their true form, like he does with demons.. much like Grimm. Ghosts exist on Grimm too, and at least so far one or two semi-demon type things.


    Sorry if it didnt make sense 😀


    • Haha thanks for comment! I guess Gotham isn’t really set in any time period, as mentioned by Heller, it’s just the dress and set of the show, make it seem like it’s set in the late 80s or somewhere around there.

      I could definitely see Arrow in Gotham’s world, not so much The Flash though. It’s weird that Arrow and The Flash exist in the same world, and yet it works quite well.

      Constantine is the easiest to crossover with, because the supernatural world is a secret to most humans in Constantine’s world, so yeah you make a good point that if something supernatural were to happen in Gotham, it wouldn’t be completely unusual if Constantine popped up.

      It would have been wayyy easier if the showrunners went into their shows knowing they were going to cross over with these other programs, because now it just feels like it would take a lot to create a coherent shared universe with these established universes.

      Supergirl is being made by Greg Berlanti, so it would great if he goes into the show knowing they are going to crossover with The Flash and Arrow, so they can set up that connection early, but right now he has basically said that wasn’t going to happen, which is a shame.

      As for the other potential DC shows, if the CW wants to create their own little shared universe, then they will most likely create a show based off one of the characters already introduced. My bets would be on an Atom show, depending on how well received he is after he gets his costume and because Atom.

      And if the CW wants to cross Supernatural over with Constantine that would be amazing. A face-off between Crowley and Constantine would be awesome! haha


  3. If anything has been proven with DC, it’s that they’re obsessed with the multiverse and multiversal shenanigans. Geoff Johns himself even said they look at all their stuff, tv and movies, as the multiverse, which makes sense, but to be honest I’m getting really annoyed with DC’s multiversal shenanigans stories. They’ve been done to death in the comics, especially with Convergence since apparently that was done to bide time while DC moves to California, and I guess since the multiverse has been introduced in live-action, I guess it’s kinda new, but still. It does kinda show that DC isn’t trying to copy everything off Marvel by tying everything together, since they have all the rights to all their stuff (*cough* X-Men and FF *cough*), but it would be nice to see if they’ll ever tie-in together at some point in the future.

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