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Action Comics #40 Review: Bizarro is am worst character ever!

action comics #40 review bizarro supermanIn another great issue from Kuder and Pak’s Action Comics run, Action Comics #40 brings us into the wonderfully terrible world of Bizarro. Bizzarro has always been a fun Superman character, but also emphasises the level of tolerance and kindness Superman has. So let’s talk about Action Comics #40!

Spoilers follow.

Things have been a little dark in the Action Comics series, with the zombie horror Smallville story arc, so it was great to get a little humour in issue #40. Bizarro is a fan-favourite Superman character, and for good reason too. In Bizarro world, the heroes are the ones that destroy the city, and the villains are the ones that help fix up the city.

One of the main criticisms of the Superman character is that he is too black and white, that he is very narrow minded when it comes to his views on right and wrong, you know that whole classic boy scout characterisation. However that really isn’t the case with his character, and Action Comics #40 showcased that.

action comics #40 review panelMetallo, who thinks he’s the hero, but is actually their villain, wants to clean up the streets. He thinks it’s bizarre (ha) that these people want to destroy their city. And even though that was Superman’s goal at first, eventually he saw that those crazy Bizarro people like to destroy their city, it makes them happy, so who was he to change that? Instead of enforcing his views and perceptions onto them (which many people suggest Superman does a lot), he instead adapts to their way of life, because it’s what works for them.

So to all those that claim Superman is a dictator like character, aha!

Oh and I’m not exactly sure where Doomsday came from, but it was fun to see Doomzarro. The Doomsday virus may have made Superman go on a crazy rampage, but the virus works a little differently for Bizarro, it makes him go on a…cute rampage.

And the famous Action Comics Superman beard gets taken away because of the cute rampage! Oh Superman beard, how I will miss you.

However the virus showed us that deep down, Bizarro is a hero. I’ve always loved the stories between Bizarro and Superman, where Bizarro just wants to help out, obviously he doesn’t always know how to do that. Bizarro just tries to do the best he can, because although he is the ‘opposite’ of Superman, they still have that in common.

action comics #40 review bizarro supermanAction Comics #40 was a great tease for what’s to come in Bizarro’s solo series which he will be getting after the Convergence event. I’m glad DC are getting some lighter, more humourous titles in their line-up. One of the biggest complaints about the New 52 was the overbearing darkness, and seriousness of all the titles. However with the recent Batgirl stories and the post-Convergence plans for some new titles, it’s great to see that DC are going for some titles that are just plain fun, like Bizarro.

Overall Action Comics #40 was another really great issue from Kuder and Pak. Kuder really knows how to characterise Superman, showcasing his caring, tolerant nature 8/10.

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  1. Thanks for the review! Kinda annoyed that I can never call Superman a dictator again, but… always nice to be proved wrong about a character. Will probably by Bizarro’s series now.


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