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No Marvel at SDCC: Is Comic-Con even important?

is comic con even important?

We knew for a while that Marvel won’t be having any panels for their films at Comic-Con this year, and now we also know that Sony and Paramount are both skipping out on big Hall H presentations. So the question is, is Comic-Con even really worth the investment?

Everyone loves San Diego Comic-Con time. You don’t have to be going to get excited about it. San Diego is the big one, and the one where studios often go all out for. Hall H presentations are the biggest and is where we typically see Marvel dominate. Although 2015’s Hall H will mostly belong to Disney and WB as Marvel Studios, Sony and Paramount are opting to skip any Hall H presentations this year.

And although it means we don’t get to see any huge amazing new stuff, it’s probably not that much of a loss to skip Hall H. It was reported last year that Warner Bros spent millions of dollars on their Hall H presentation. They had special screens fitted into the Hall, just for their presentation. That’s spending millions of dollars for a few hours! Now even though I know WB will have that money available pretty easily, is the investment even worth it?

batman v superman comic con hall h

The problem with Comic-Con Hall H presentations is, unless you go really big, your presentation won’t be making the headlines. Studios don’t just want to impress the people who attend SDCC, they want to impress the world. And so for a studio, their goal is to get as many people hearing about what went down in their presentation as possible to help market their movie. What’s the point of holding a huge presentation and spending all this money, if no one really cares?

So if I were Sony, Marvel or Paramount, and I knew I didn’t have anything big to show, there’s no point showing up for showing up’s sake. Sure it’s great fan service, but it ain’t worth the money that goes into it. Because let’s be honest, the panels that are going to be stealing the headlines from everyone else will be Star Wars and Batman v Superman. So unless you think you can bring something that will match those two huge juggernauts, there’s no point.

is comic con even important?

And that’s exactly what Marvel is doing. The timing isn’t right for them. They don’t have the opportunity to do any big panels for their films like Civil War yet. Although does Marvel holding a presentation at Hall H even add anything to their overall revenue? Regardless of if Age of Ultron made an appearance at last year’s Comic-Con or not, it would have made the same amount of money. Because everything that Marvel does is so well known, there’s no point trying to spend so much money to make their presentations huge to compete, when they don’t need to. I’m sure Marvel will probably have a huge presentation later on this year when they have more stuff to show, maybe something more cost friendly and convenient than Hall H.

Obviously during the time of Comic-Con everyone will be talking about the movies that have huge presentations, which I’m sure the studios will like, but in the long term I don’t think Comic-Con has that big of an impact. Unless you’re a smaller movie that wows everyone at Comic-Con, and then gets people talking about your movie when they weren’t talking about it before, it doesn’t seem like huge Comic-Con presentations is the best investment.

no marvel at sdcc 2015

Especially when the content of Hall H materials aren’t readily available to the rest of the world. I don’t really see the point in only marketing to people who attend Comic-Con, when those are the people that are basically already guaranteed to be going to go see your movie anyways.

Not that I’m complaining though, because I’m more than happy WB will be showcasing Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad at Comic-Con. The exact panel for their Hall H presentation hasn’t been revealed yet, but it’s expected to be huge. Surely more than just getting their actors to awkwardly silently wave at the crowd. Who knows, maybe we’ll see the first formation of the Justice League on stage? I guess Comic-Con is more important to WB than to Marvel, because the DCCU isn’t as trusted as the MCU, so SDCC may give them the opportunity to showcase to the world what they have planned, to get people more confident and excited about the world they’re building.


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  1. Personally, I believe that the Comic-Con experience is a waist of time and money. Marvel has stopped going because they know that people will pay to see anything that they release.


    • I definitely think that Marvel doesn’t really need to spend that much on in because they’re so well known, but I guess for other not as well known/trusted properties could get some benefits


      • Yeah for me comic con isn’t important. I already know what films from dc im interested in and what films im not.

        I have no interest in a flash, shazam, or green lantern movie, and little interest in a wonder woman movie. Aquaman, cyborg, suicide squad, justice league all have peaked my interest.


      • But maybe seeing stuff from Comic-Con about those properties you’re not interested in will get you more interested, which is basically WB’s goal for these things


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