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Captain America: Civil War Trailer Analysis- The epicness begins!

captain america civil war trailer analysis

Finally the Captain America: Civil War trailer arrives, and it looks epic! Right off the bat I have to say even with the many characters involved, the trailer definitely made it feel like a Captain America movie. So let’s dive into the Captain America: Civil War trailer!

The opening of the trailer picks up from where the Ant-Man post-credit scene ended. Now we know Ant-Man is also in that scene but they didn’t show him in this trailer (although he did appear in the D23 teaser).

It’s clear that Bucky’s presence plays a large role in creating the conflict in Civil War. He may not be brainwashed anymore, but people expect him to pay for what he has done. Remember he had been an assassin for decades, there are myths and legends tied to him. So it’s not surprising that there is a large hunt for him, especially after the events of Winter Soldier.

captain america civil war screenshots

Steve being the great friend he is wants to help Bucky. But helping Bucky means going against the government. The hero vs vigilante question arises, as the issue of an unchecked individual enacting their own form of law rises. In Winter Soldier we got a tease of the events of Civil War with Steve being on the run, and after Hydra was exposed to have infiltrated S.H.I.E.L.D, everyone is suspicious of everyone. That includes the once adored Captain America. I mean it’s a cynical world we live in, you can’t blame the government for being wary of Cap.

captain america civil war trailer analysis

“You’ve operated with unlimited power and no supervision”. That line was of course spoken by Thaddeus Ross, who we haven’t seen since The Incredible Hulk. Comic fans know he’s supposed to be Red Hulk, but definitely not expecting to see that this movie. However it is interesting that he is involved in the film, and talking about unlimited power.

We see Scarlet Witch is handed the Sokovia Accords, which sets up the registrations for enhanced individuals, which is what Civil War is calling them. Sokovia is where the battle between The Avengers and Ultron took place, and all that destruction was enough to scare the government into making this act.

captain america civil war trailer sokovia accords

Tony later says in the trailer, “If we can’t accept our limitations we’re no better than the bad guys”. I think (hopefully) a big part of Civil War is Tony’s guilt over creating Ultron. It was Tony’s inability to accept his limitations that led to Ultron being built. The same Ultron that nearly destroyed the world. So perhaps being an advocate for the registration act comes from the guilt of creating Ultron.

Now I may have not been the biggest fan of Age of Ultron, but that was partly to do with Tony’s lack of character growth in the film. I mean he created this monster, but I felt like the movie didn’t deal with the repercussions on his emotional and mental mind enough. So it will be good if that’s explored in Civil War.

captain america civil war trailer black panther

We also see Black Panther looking seriously badass. Black Panther was rumoured to be on Iron Man’s side, and we see him fighting Bucky. Initially it seemed like Black Panther would have a similar role as what Spider-Man had in the Civil War comics. So we might see him torn between two sides. However it should be noted that Black Panther’s biggest priority is protecting the interests of Wakanda, and it will be interesting to see how Civil War sets up Black Panther’s solo outing.

captain america civil war trailer analysis

There’s also a quick shot of Tony looking devastated holding a badly injured Rhodey in his arms. I’m hoping Rhodey doesn’t die (I doubt they would show it in the trailer if he did), but him getting hurt would be enough to throw Tony off the edge and to really give it his all to beat Cap.

And I just have to applaud that fight sequence at the end of between Cap, Iron Man and Bucky. That was a very well choreographed scene. Russo Brothers are directing Civil War, and as we saw from them in Winter Soldier, they can film fight sequences really well so I’m expecting a lot more epic fight scenes in the film.

captain america civil war trailer analysis
Overall the Captain America: Civil War trailer was to put it simply, awesome. The tone is reminiscent of Winter Soldier, and there was a real emotional pull to this trailer. I’ve already seen a thousand tweets of that one line, “So was I”. Right now the story and characters seem well-balanced, and Captain America still looks like the main character with the trailer shown from mostly his perspective. This could be Marvel’s best movie yet!

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  1. This is going to be AWESOME! 😀

    One thing to add, it looks like Bucky gets framed for something big. Really big. And that’s what sparks the Civil War, when Cap chooses to protect him.

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  2. The trailer was awesome! It obviously won’t be as big as the comics considering that the Fantastic Four, X-Men, Young Avengers, and characters like Cloak, Dagger, She-Hulk, Ms Marvel, etc. won’t be able to appear. But considering that the whole point to Civil War is that it’s a fight among such close friends I think that the character development of these characters over all the MCU films should make up for the lack of characters. I originally hoped that more characters would be introduced in the film itself but it doesn’t look like that’s happening.

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  3. I’m a bit worried about this movie, considering how controversial the original Civil War event is. Personally I like parts of it, but I’ve enjoyed the whole less each time I read it. Still, such a great trailer and the Russo brothers really made Winter Soldier a smart superhero movie. I trust they’re capable of making this work.


    • Well like Age of Ultron, I’m expecting this to be a lot different than its comic book version. With the same creative team as Winter Soldier, I think it’ll end up being really good


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