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‘Legends of Tomorrow’ Trailer Discussion: Showing a lot of promise!

A few months ago we saw a Legends of Tomorrow trailer that was mainly composed of shots made just for that trailer. Now we have actual footage from the show (premiering January 21) and it looks pretty awesome! So let’s discuss the official trailer for Legends of Tomorrow!

For a little while now Arrow and The Flash have been building up to this team-up show. In December the big crossover episode between the two shows will happen, which will be the backdoor pilot for Legends of Tomorrow. That episode will introduce Vandal Savage and will start bringing the team together.

Vandal Savage will of course be the big bad of the first season at least. Vandal Savage is an immortal tyrant with the goal of being the most powerful human on Earth. Throughout time he has conquered societies and gone up against many who have tried to stop him. Assuming this show gets a second season (which I believe it will) the question is whether Vandal Savage will be a recurring villain, or if the show will have one big villain a season. Although Vandal Savage is incredibly hard to take down, I’m thinking the latter. However whoever the villain for the second is, it needs to be someone who will also necessitate the team travelling through time.

vandal savage legends of tomorrow trailer

And really, the most interesting part of the concept of Legends of Tomorrow is the time travelling. We saw in the trailer they were in the past (wearing their sweet 70s clothing) and in the future. As Rip Hunter proclaims, he’s even seen Men of Steel and Dark Knights get taken down! We even saw Captain Cold looking at a very Kryptonite looking rock. Now I’m definitely not expecting Superman and Batman to pop up in Legends of Tomorrow, but it is awesome to know that they exist somewhere in the timeline. We already saw in The Flash that Wayne Industries exists in the future from the newspaper, so I guess we know about Batman’s existence as well.

We’ve seen a bit of time travelling in The Flash, but nothing like this. The potential for new and interesting stories is limitless with time travel. As this show isn’t the typical 23 episode season, but only 13 episodes, I definitely think each episode will be big and bold. We don’t have to worry about those filler episodes we typically see on Arrow and The Flash. Instead we should expect a tight story that paces well throughout the season. Legends of Tomorrow is basically the Doctor Who of superhero TV shows (it even comes with Rory Williams). Although Legends of Tomorrow is Earth-bound now, who knows, maybe in a couple of seasons we see the team taking on the rest of space as well!

The Legends of Tomorrow trailer goes through the roll call of the characters and here’s what we learnt:

The Atom: We’re used to seeing The Atom fight more like Iron Man than like The Atom, but now it appears he’s started using his powers a lot more.

White Canary: Sara’s new name emphasises her transition from the cold-blooded assassin she once was, to a true hero.

Heat Wave and Captain Cold: Rip Hunter says that of all the people in the world he chose these 8 to take down Vandal Savage. Sure it’s a little convenient that they all already know each other (except for Hawkman that is), but what’s even more interesting is the fact that he chose Heat Wave and Captain Cold. Captain Cold I can understand, he’s always shown traits of being a great leader, but Heat Wave? I guess they’re a package deal.

Firestorm: Well hello new Firestorm! When the first trailer dropped, we were all a little confused as to who would be Firestorm when they didn’t show Ronnie. Now of course we know it will be Jackson and he has a new costume, which is a lot more like his comic book counterpart. He always claims that he doesn’t just burn, suggesting he may have adopted the power to rearrange atomic structures like in the comics.

firestorm costume legends of tomorrow trailer

Hawkman and Hawkgirl: We knew Hawkgirl was coming, but it wasn’t until recently that we learnt of Hawkman’s involvement. These two have a past that spans back to ancient history, so the time travelling aspect works well with them. As we saw from the footage, they don’t seem to be the best couple right now.

From the footage the show looks like quite the sci-fi adventure. We don’t really have a comic book show like this on TV right now. The scope of Legends of Tomorrow is huge. Everything about this trailer just seems grand and epic.

Legends of Tomorrow just looks like a lot of fun right now. Superhero team-ups are always fun. Add in the time travelling aspect and a villain like Vandal Savage, you know it’s going to be awesome. Now we just have to wait 2 months until Legends of Tomorrow premieres!

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  1. Since this is planned on being a team-up show, I wonder if they’re gonna change up the roster every season. Kinda makes sense if they do that, like if Captain Cold and Heat Wave leave to form the Rogues and fight Flash, something like that.


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