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Is binge watching TV shows bad? For my viewing experience it’s not great.

is binge watching tv shows bad jessica jones

Here’s a simple question for you: do you binge watch TV shows? With things like Netflix it has become a lot easier to do so. As most of you know Jessica Jones is on Netflix now and I decided to make the conscious choice to not binge watch the series, and right now I’m thankful that I didn’t.

Jessica Jones has been out on Netflix for almost a week now. Many people have finished the series, some even did it in a couple of days. When Daredevil came out, I did binge watch it. By the end of the weekend I had finished almost 13 hours of the show. But comparing my experience watching Daredevil, to watching Jessica Jones, I’m enjoying Jessica Jones a lot more.

First of all what is binge watching? Technically binge watching is defined as (according to Netflix) watching around two to six episodes of a show in one sitting. Basically anytime time you watch a few episodes of a show non-stop you’re binge watching.There’s been plenty of “studies” that suggest binge watching causes depression, diabetes and is super unhealthy etc, all of which I think is bullshit. They’re all incredibly loose studies that are based on correlation not actual cause and effect. It’s like saying that one person died in a car crash therefore all cars will kill you. Instead what I want to look at is, does binge watching affect your viewing experience?

I enjoyed Daredevil whilst I was watching it, that’s for sure. But because I watched it so quickly the episodes have blurred together. I can’t remember half of what happened. Of course I remember the major plot points and scenes, but those important little moments have faded. Important little moments in character development that are key in Jessica Jones.

is binge watching tv shows bad netflix daredevil jessica jones

Currently I’m up to episode 10 in Jessica Jones, watching 1 or 2 episodes a day. And by watching the series slower, taking breaks in between the episodes, I know it sounds corny but it allows me to reflect on the episode. Kilgrave seems even scarier when I think about his power, what he has done. Jessica seems that more broken when I think about what she’s been through, witnessing and taking in those moments where she’s about to reach breaking point.

The mystery seems greater. As I take longer to watch it, the mystery lingers on longer. The suspense grows, I genuinely feel like Kilgrave is a threat who could cause a lot of damage.

Watching Daredevil in a rush, I didn’t gain that great of a sense of suspense or anticipation watching it. Binge watching Daredevil it was just: meet Matt, meet Kingpin, Kingpin and Daredevil fight, Daredevil wins. Now I’m not saying that Kingpin wasn’t a great villain, he was. But I feel like if I took the time to spread my viewing of Daredevil I would have appreciated him more. Felt more intimated by his threat.

kilgrave netflix art

We live in such an instant gratification culture that we just want to know the answers, the outcome, the conclusion straight away. But there’s something special about not knowing what’s going to happen. To let the suspense grow. To take time to reflect on what you just saw and what that means for the characters and their world.

By not binge watching Jessica Jones, I’ve been able to do exactly that which is why I feel more connected to these characters and this world.

Of course the big con of not binge watching a show is feeling the need to hide from the rest of the internet as many people are ahead of you. However social media etiquette is typically quite good for Netflix shows, with many people not tweeting anything spoilerish because they’re not dicks, which is great.

Of course viewing experiences are totally subjective and some people may find they genuinely enjoy binge watching TV shows. So is binge watching bad? For my viewing experience it is, I prefer to let things simmer in my brain for a little while before I go on to the next episode. But that can’t be said for everybody, and as long as we’re all enjoying these great TV shows that’s all that really matters!


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  1. I wish had had the self discipline. I don’t actually want to binge watch, but I can’t help myself, I just have to see it. That Jessica Jones delivered one cliffhanger after another didn’t help.

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    • Heh, I remember watching Daredevil. Had they not had one ending where things did not end on a “cliffhanger,” per se, about halfway through the show, I would have been in trouble! 🙂


  2. I’m a bit of column A, a bit of column B. By which I mean, I binged the show, but I also took breaks, and I analyze fairly automatically (my brain *never* shuts up). But I really get the whole “simmering” thing. I mean, how you think I write my “This Week on TV” posts? It’s pretty fun, going back through each episode. It’s like digesting it, ya know?


  3. Binge-watching is fun, and knowing that once I see it all I won’t have to worry about being spoiled or making time for it later, but you’re right, there are downsides, and those little moments are a big one.
    I watched JJ as soon as I could. Seriously, I woke up in the middle of the night and just went at it right away. It was fun and I was proud of myself and glad I did it. But later that night, like three hours after I finished, I was taking with someone who was kind of just starting, and they were asking me general questions or would tell me what part they’re at with something like “the fight” and I had to really struggle to remember what part that was, when I had literally watched it like 12 hours before. All the episodes blurred together and I couldn’t have a good conversation about it.
    Having shows available for bingeing is great, but I do kind of like weekly normal shows more.


    • Yeah exactly, like whilst you’re binge watching it’s so much fun, but then a few hours later you forget half of what you’ve watched. Weekly shows are good because everyone is watching it at the same time and you get time to let it all sink it.

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  4. I have to agree with you. Binge-watching, though fun, is kind of defeating the purpose of enjoying a show. I think it’s reversed now. We enjoy the binge-watching aspect of it, the act of saying goodbye to 13 hours of our lives as opposed to, you know, actually enjoying a show.

    I loved watching all 13 episodes of Jessica Jones (which I’m ashamed to say I finished within a 24-hour span), but for the life of me I cannot remember much of the story or the big plot points, not even lines of dialogue. Since I didn’t take time to digest each episode individually, I was basically hitting the reset button on my mind every time I hit play on the next episode.

    I truly wished I had the restraint to tell myself only an episode or two per day. Unfortunately, that’s not the world we live in anymore. But I do plan on revisiting Jessica Jones at some point in the near future, albeit with a little more self-control. Anyway, interesting points you brought up, none of which I had ever considered before. I might have to write my own thoughts on the topic…


    • Oh yeah it’s definitely fun to binge watch a show. After the years of having to wait on a weekly basis to watch our shows, it’s great to have the power of not being forced to wait to watch the next episode. But yeah it doesn’t always end with the best results.
      You should definitely revisit Jessica Jones later so you can take in all those moments you forgot


  5. I think it depends on the TV show and the type of person you are. Before I went to uni I never really binged much of anything besides One Piece which at the time was 300 plus episodes and on my days of from college I’d watch up to almost 20 episodes a day. 😛

    After I went to uni and my friends introduced me to a lot of US TV, a lot of them had started already so I ended up binging through the first few seasons of Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones, Boardwalk Empire, etc.

    With Daredevil, I bled through that in two days and it was the best two days ever, the people behind the show described it as a 13 hour movie and it really felt like that watching it, unlike a lot of convention TV which has a start, middle and end that wrap up nicely (unless its a two-parter), Daredevil’s episodes were quite interwoven so I didn’t mind watching episode after episode because it was so enticing and I felt like I’d lose my engagment level if I broke away. Its hard to describe but I feel like there’s a thrill that comes with binging TV especially if you’re seeing for the first time and/or if its new.

    I can totally understand where you’re coming from about needed to take a step back and process what you’re watching and allowing it to sick in. But for me while watching Jessica Jones I was in the zone, and if there was a moment or episode that needed contemplation, I’d normally stop and think about it after the episode ended, and possibly read online fan reaction.


    • Yeah exactly it definitely differs person to person. Daredevil was great to binge watch, and it definitely had a flow that allowed it to be watched like that. But I’m going to try rewatch Daredevil not as fast to see what I forgot about.
      At the end of the day it’s up to the individual person to figure out what’s the best way to watch TV shows, whilst considering that some shows are better for bingeing than others

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  6. I’m not a fan of binge-watching, as with Daredevil I only intend to watch an episode or two of Jessica Jones a week – I find it more enjoyable to make things last, especially if it’s good!


    • Oh I don’t think i would have been able to watch an episode or two a week knowing they’re all out there, but at least you get to enjoy it for longer (just try to stay away from spoilers!)

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  7. Yeah some shows I watch an episode or two a day, others like 24 or Hell on Wheels its like a season over 3-4 days.
    I love binge watching, to me its no different than staying up all night reading a good novel.


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