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Gotham 2×11 Discussion: Something “Strange” is coming…

gotham season 2 episode 11 review discussion

Gotham season 2 episode 11 marked the mid-season finale of the show, and whilst it tied up some loose ends, it also left everyone with a lot of questions. So let’s discuss Gotham season 2 episode 11!

Spoilers follow.

The episode focused on the big bad of the season so far, Theo and his plan to kill Bruce Wayne to avenge his family. The episode spent a lot of time watching Bruce Wayne in captivity by Theo’s hand, and those moments proved to be really great character moments for Bruce.

Bruce Wayne was once a naive boy, but as each episode goes by he’s becoming closer to the Bruce Wayne we all know and love. The part where he just bluntly tells Silver he doesn’t love her was perfect. It’s good to see that he’s being smarter and more strategic with what he does and says. Bruce Wayne didn’t act like the typical boy when he was in captivity. Instead of freaking out and crying the whole time, he was cool, calm and collected. It’s moments like this in his life that will be pivotal for his future.

gotham season 2 episode 11 order of st dumas

Trying to help Bruce Wayne is the interesting team-up of Penguin, Gordon, Lucius, Bullock and Alfred. They of course had to take matters into their own hands as Barnes repeated the word “proof” many times in the episode. Even though teaming up with Penguin never ends nicely, the group venture off anyways.

Even after Gordon finds out he’s about to have a baby. Now this was a storyline that was written in because in real life (what do you mean Gotham isn’t real life????) Morena Baccarin and Ben McKenzie are having a child. Now when we think Jim Gordon’s having a child we think Batgirl! Or his psycho son James Gordon Jr. Now whether or not the child will go on to become either of those characters isn’t clear yet. But even if they were, it’s not like we would see the development of those characters on the show. Whilst Gotham is on they will still be far too young to start having their own character arcs.

gotham mid season finale review discussion

Eventually the group finds the Order of St. Dumas and Bruce. And this is when things really start to get interesting. Penguin and Gordon eventually take Theo, and whilst Penguin is beating the life out of Theo I’m waiting for Gordon to intervene. To have a moral awakening and realise that being an executioner isn’t fulfilling the role of justice. But no, instead he just kills Theo himself.

Now of course that spares Theo the pain, but it still means that even with the opportunity to bring Theo to justice the legal way, he chose not to. So the dark path of Jim Gordon continues. How far will it go? He’s having a baby, maybe getting married (but who knows if she said yes because that proposal was pretty shit), yet still can’t help but get consumed by the darkness of Gotham.

But not to fear all you Theo fans because he’s not done just yet. So who is this Dr. Strange? Well Hugo Strange of course! We’ve known for a little while that he was set to appear, so it looks like in the second half of the season we’ll see a lot more of what he’s been doing. We know earlier that Firefly was taken to Strange, and now Theo, so what’s the plan?

Typically Hugo Strange is a disturbed psychologist, known for his ability to manipulate and experiment. He could be using his experiments to create Gotham’s versions of Monster Men (who basically go around causing chaos), but considering one of his patients is Theo, I feel like the experiments will evolve Theo to more than just some mindless animal. Either way when Theo comes back, Gordon better be ready.

gotham season 2 episode 11 review discussion mr freeze

Then of course at the very end of the Gotham mid-season finale we got our first look at Mr. Freeze! Mr. Freeze and Strange are said to be working together, so perhaps Strange helped make Freeze on the show. The pair of them will be the new big bads moving on to the later half of the season.

Overall Gotham season 2 episode 11 had nice character moments for Bruce that have brought him closer to his adult self. It’s been interesting watching Jim’s dark path, but the real question is now what is Hugo Strange and Mr. Freeze’s role going to be on the show? Looking forward to the show returning in February!



Oh and as for that Batman v Superman footage: It looked amazing! There’s a full trailer coming tomorrow so we can discuss in greater detail then!


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  1. I liked this episode. Major improvement of Gotham over season 1. Although I do think it gets tiring when they try to emphasize Gordon crossing the line when he sort of went through with it a couple times over the course of the show. Plus those ninjas/monks are not that good of fighters.
    On another note, will I be trampled by Bat-fans if I said this series is starting to remind me of the 1989 Batman movie?


    • Yeah I’m surprised they’ve pushed this story arc for so long. Haha yeah I expected more from the warrior monks.

      Actually I’ve been saying for a long time that Gotham reminds me a lot of the Burton/Batman world, so dw you’re not alone in thinking that


  2. I’ve looked it up and I think that Fish Mooney is in that lab too, and with that being said maybe Jerome is somewhere in there too and probably will become Joker or something since the creators said we haven’t seen the last of him.


    • Yeah I was thinking that earlier as well. If Theo can be brought back from the dead, that makes everyone else fair game, and gives Gotham an easy way to bring back Mooney and Jerome


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