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Supergirl Episode 8 Discussion: Getting better with each episode

supergirl episode 8 review discussion

Supergirl episode 8 continued to explore Astra’s plans whilst Cat struggled with the very real world problem of hacking. I have to say that this show is starting to get stronger as each episode goes by, so let’s discuss Supergirl episode 8!

Spoilers follow.

It’s hard to forget the big Sony hack that happened last year, where Amy Pascal looked pretty bad with all her leaked emails. So of course this episode was slightly inspired by those events, and with a personality like Cat Grant you better expect there to be some interesting emails. These emails revealed that Cat has a secret son called Adam Foster, who apparently will be a new love interest for Kara.

This whole saga also led to Cat finally figuring out Kara’s secret. Now the whole glasses covering someone’s secret identity is completely ridiculous we all know that. But sometimes in the world of comic books we need to suspend our disbelief a little, and believe that even someone like Cat would need Kara to remove her glasses to figure out who she is. However I am glad that she knows Kara’s identity, it will definitely add an interesting layer to their relationship.

The other part of Supergirl episode 8 focused on Astra and her plan. Apparently she and Non were sent to the Phantom Zone because of the actions they took once they found out Krypton was dying. In the comics Non was Jor-El’s friend, before he was sent to the Phantom Zone for speaking out about Krypton’s doom.

supergirl episode 8 review discussion astra

What’s interesting is that they claim they wanted to save Krypton, and now save Earth, yet they don’t really seem to give a crap about humans. So why do they want to save Earth? Is this like a Man of Steel situation where they just want Earth for themselves to rebuild Krypton? I wouldn’t be surprised.

Speaking of Man of Steel, the fight scene in the city was very reminiscent of that controversial fight scene in Man of Steel. The pair of them weaving through buildings and smashing through them was clearly inspired by Man of Steel, but with a lot less damage this time around.

The fight scenes in Supergirl are also something I want to quickly comment on. I remember in the earlier episodes the fight scenes looked cheap and clearly like wire work. However as the episodes have progressed the fight scenes have started to look a lot better, and this episode was a clear indication of that.

supergirl episode 8 martian manhunter

At the end of the episode the Kryptonians break into Lord Technologies where another fight breaks out. You know things would be a lot easier if Martian Manhunter came out into the public and started using his powers. Because with his shape-shifting abilities he could just transform himself into a giant dragon and take them all out, because that’s the kind of awesome thing that Martian Manhunter does.

I’m a little disappointed that there wasn’t more talk about Martian Manhunter in this episode after last week’s big reveal, but one of my questions from last week was answered. Superman does know of Martian Manhunter’s existence, and apparently finds it funny that he can’t use his psychic abilities on him. If Superman knows he exists I’m sure they’ve been some team-ups in the past between the pair of them (*sigh* if only we could have seen those). I don’t know why they are keeping this a secret from Kara still, but it will be interesting to see how she reacts to the situation.

Overall Supergirl episode 8 was an exciting episode, which demonstrated the continued growth of the series. It’s good to see Kara become more of the Supergirl that I know and love, so I appreciate the character growth the show has shown. Looking forward to seeing how this battle with the Kryptonians end!

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  1. I’ve mostly enjoyed it so far. I am not happy with the stupid little implied love triangle between Kara, James, and Win. And with last night’s episode, having Cat figure out Kara’s secret identity too?!? That’s the same problem I have with Arror and Flash. What’s the point of even having a secret identity if EVERYONE in their personal lives knows it?


    • Yeah I hate that they had to make it a love triangle, not necessary at all! Haha true, but at the same time I think it would be ridiculous if Cat is supposed to be this very intelligent woman yet can’t see what’s in front of her


      • But that’s the same argument with Superman. And he works all day with trained award-winning investigative reporters. You just have to suspend disbelief and accept it.


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