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Justice League #47 Review: Hello again, Crime Syndicate.

justice league 47 review spoilers

Darkseid’s War continues in Justice League #47, as the team continue to struggle with their new status. Just when you think you knew what was going on, another surprise comes and shakes things up. This arc has definitely been keeping us on our toes, and this issue is no different. So let’s discuss Justice League #47!

Non-spoiler thoughts first: First of all it’s pretty awesome to have Fabok back. Even though he was only gone for a little while, his bold and powerful art works perfectly with Johns’ epic story, so it was great to have the duo reunited. Story-wise it was once again a really strong issue. This has got to be one of the best Justice League story arcs since the New 52, and it continues to be grand and epic. This issue focuses on the cracking of the Justice League as Bat-God is overfilled with power, and Superman forgetting who he is. Wonder Woman is trying to keep everything together, as Cyborg and Mister Miracle seek help from the Crime Syndicate. It’s hard to find villains who are truly threatening to the Justice League, but Anti-Monitor is definitely one of them, and this issue truly showed the threat he was. Another great issue from this really great arc!

Okay spoilers for Justice League #47 follow now!

The duo of Green Lantern and Bat-God has been a lot of fun to read during this arc. Constantly Hal is trying to talk some sense into Bruce, but he just isn’t listening. A big theme of this arc is how this entitlement of power impacts the League. It makes them lose a sense of themselves as they are consumed by it. Hal is trying to help Bat-God out of this state, but he loves the power!

justice league 47 review superman wonder woman fight

Then you have Superman picking a fight with his girlfriend, which of course isn’t very smart. I’ve loved the way Johns has written Wonder Woman, especially in this arc. She balances her forces of warrior and peacemaker perfectly, as she helps Superman reconcile with himself. Whether or not you like the relationship between Superman and Wonder Woman you can’t deny how powerful those panels were, as she stopped fighting him physically and instead gave him her patience and love. Bat-God comes down to tell everyone that Superman is dying, which is always great news during such a crisis like this.

Meanwhile in Justice League #47 as Cyborg, Mister Miracle and Power Ring catch-up with their old pals the Crime Syndicate, one thing becomes painfully clear as we see Ultraman curled up in fetal position in the corner: Anti-Monitor is truly terrifying. Ultraman talks about Earth cracking, and we know that Metron warned about reality falling apart if Anti-Monitor pursued his war with Darkseid, so right now things aren’t looking good.

And to make things worse Anti-Monitor has now fully reverted back to his Mobius self, and is after the chair that Bat-God now has. It’s still not completely clear what Mobius’ plan is and what he truly wants. Earlier Grail discussed some secret about the Anti-Life, so she clearly has a plan she wants to exploit that apparently involves Steve Trevor hmmm.

justice league 47 review spoilers

Really we didn’t get many answers in Justice League #47, we just got a lot more questions. Everything seems to be building up to a really explosive climax. Both the Justice League and Crime Syndicate have been separated, but now it’s time to regroup and team-up. Grail said it best when she said the war is not over.

Ultimately this was one of those, getting everyone where they needed to be, issues. It’ll be good to have everyone reunited again next issue and to find out some answers (apparently we’ll find out a bit more to do with Superwoman’s child). As I’ve mentioned many times, everything about this arc has just felt so perfectly epic and wonderful. Let’s just hope the build-up is worth it. And again have to mention Fabok’s explosive art. Can he just always draw Wonder Woman please? That would make me very happy.

Overall Justice League #47 was another awesome issue, that continued the build-up towards the big finale. With so many questions in the air one can only hope that all these mysteries are working towards something that’s worth the wait. This arc has really been in the making since the beginning of the New 52 Justice League to Forever Evil to now. What is Anti-Monitor’s ultimate goal and how will Grail inevitably factor into all of this? Looking forward to the big Justice League/Crime Syndicate team-up! 8.3/10.


Justice League #47
Written by: Geoff Johns
Art by: Jason Fabok
DC Comics

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