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Supergirl Episode 9 Discussion: Bizarro, is that you?

supergirl episode 9 review discussion bizarro

Supergirl episode 9 marked the return of the show from break, and so far things seem to be pretty exciting! It may have taken me a little while to warm up to this show, but its definitely improving and finding it’s groove which is great. So let’s discuss Supergirl episode 9!

Spoilers follow.

The episode picked up straight from where the mid-season ended on, as Hank gets kidnapped by Non. Now it’s hard to feel scared for Hank when he’s you know, Martian freaking Manhunter. It’s clear from the way Maxwell was acting that he was hiding something upstairs, which we find out about later.

It looks like Maxwell Lord may be creating Bizarro (or Bizarrogirl whatever they end up calling it). Basically Bizarro is the opposite version of the hero, whether that be Supergirl or Superman. Similar to how Lex wanted to clone Superman and ended up creating Bizarro, the same thing could be happening here. Or is she already Bizarro and has come from Htrae (yes Earth backwards) aka Bizarro World? I’m thinking it’s the former and Maxwell ends up creating this Bizarro.

supergirl episode 9 review

It will be interesting seeing Kara face basically an incredibly reckless, angry and dangerous version of herself. A big part of Supergirl episode 9 was Kara facing her emotions. It’s good to see Kara not just be adorable all the time, and actually express other emotions. Yes she gets angry and upset, but the point is that she’s able to overcome those emotions to be a true hero. Facing Bizarro may help her truly realise what happens if she were to give in to those reckless emotions.

As for the episode itself, well it was more of a moving parts episode. Not much happened, but we did get to learn more about these characters. Astra isn’t just evil, there is a rational part of her that can be spoken to. I think we’ll see Astra and Kara eventually team-up against whatever plan Non is working up.

The other part of Supergirl episode 9 focused on Cat and Kara’s relationship. You know I was glad Cat found out about Kara, even if it meant yet another person knew her secret identity. But they backtracked that this episode, with the help of Martian Manhunter. Really I’m happy to get any Martian Manhunter action I can get until we finally see him come out and use his powers in full force.

I guess it would be pretty hard for someone to keeping thinking Kara is Supergirl when Kara was in the same room as Supergirl (and in the world of comic books we do need to suspend belief), but I liked what Kara and Cat’s relationship could have been had Kara been open with her.

kara and cat supergirl episode 9

Oh and of course it’s great that Kara knows about Hank as well, some secrets are pointless.

(And can I just say that I still think IM conversations with Clark are just so dumb. I know they probably aren’t allowed to show an adult Clark/Superman, but come on, it would take Clark like 2 seconds to visit his cousin, but instead he’s instant messaging her! Just a small nitpick that annoys me.)

Overall character-wise, Supergirl episode 9 was a pretty strong episode. Plot-wise we didn’t get much, but at least we’re on to a good start. Unfortunately for dumb scheduling reasons, there’s no episode next week, but the next episode will be focusing on Toyman which will be exciting to see!

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  1. Aw man I just watched episode #8 last night and WOW! I am loving this show. Sure it has all the usual cliches and stuff, but it has so much heart, fun and POW BAM! genuine superheroic smackdowns that other shows (and often movies) really lack.

    I’m amazed at what they are accomplishing on a TV show budget, and holy heck Batman – Martian Manhunter actually looked pretty cool when he was revealed. He didn’t even look like a rubber 1950’s monster from a creature feature or anything.


    • Supergirl has been getting really good lately! I do love the spirit of the show. And luckily it’s on CBS so it can afford to have better visual effects compared to the other superhero shows.
      Omg Martian Manhunter looked so good! I hope we get an episode soon that is centric to him, I want to see some good MM action!

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  2. Sooner or later they’re probably gonna bring back the real Henshaw as Cyborg Superman like in the comics and that’d be an interesting villain for Supergirl to face.

    The creators of the show said they wanted to make Superman’s presence be like the President in Veep. He’ll be mentioned, but not exactly shown. It’s getting frustrating what they’re doing, and it shows how weird DC can be about having multiple versions of characters in live action. It happened with Deadshot. What’s the point of them doing a live action multiverse if there’s not gonna be multiple versions of characters? They need to make up their minds


    • Yeah for sure they’ll probably bring the real Henshaw in once J’onn reveals himself.
      And agreed, like I understand they probably don’t want their big characters also on TV to avoid confusion (even though there will be 2 Flashes) but it’s just weird to keep showing Superman like that, he just seems like an uncaring dick haha


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