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Batman #48 Review: The Batman Awakens

batman 48 review Batman #48 continued to explore Mr. Bloom’s rampage on Gotham as Bruce Wayne does some soul searching. I have to say that with everything that’s been going on recently with Bruce and Batman, this issue felt pretty freaking satisfying. So let’s discuss Batman #48!

Non-spoiler thoughts first: Well what an intense issue it was! We get a little more insight into the minds of post-accident Joker and Bruce as Jim deals with Mr. Bloom. When it comes to writing, Snyder likes his metaphors, a lot. So it’s not surprising that Mr. Bloom’s character was a greater metaphor for what Gotham is. All you need to know is that its Mr. Bloom, and his perspectives on Gotham, that strongly conflicts Bruce’s perspectives on Gotham, that reminds Bruce of who he really is. Whether he likes it or not. Another great issue from Snyder and Capullo (a duo that is soon to be separated so enjoy it while it lasts).

Okay spoilers for Batman #48 follow!

So the issue opens up to Joker and Bruce’s conversation on the park bench. I’m back to being confused as to whether the Joker knows who he is and who Bruce is or not. To think he’s suddenly some nice guy who’s found his purpose in life seems ridiculous, but their conversation made it seem like he was a completely different person.

But of course the Joker is known for his mind-games, so perhaps he’s trying to mess with Bruce’s head. In the conversation it’s clear that Bruce really doesn’t want to go back to his old life. He’s thinking what’s the point? He’s happy now, why go back to something, if he doesn’t even know if that something will work out.

batman 48 review joker

Being Batman is difficult. In a city like Gotham, one step forward is often ten steps back. So it’s hard to feel like you’re actually making a difference. And sometimes it takes a little nudge to remind you why it’s important to fight for what you believe in.

What Bruce believes in is Gotham, Mr. Bloom really doesn’t. He wants Gotham to simply accept that it really isn’t a beautiful garden, to just embrace the mess it really is. So he gives the people of Gotham an offer that’s hard to refuse.

And just like any other Tuesday in Gotham, the place descends into madness. Just enough madness to really make Bruce accept and embrace who he is.

The last few panels of Batman #48 were truly powerful. All Alfred wants is for Bruce to be happy. To not feel burdened. Alfred finally got his wish. Bruce was free. But even Alfred knew that it was only a matter of time before Bruce returned back to his old ways.

So there Bruce is pounding on the door, with Alfred refusing to let him in. And in one of the most fist-pumping-in-the-air moments of this entire series, Bruce knocks down the door and declares “Take me to my cave”. 

And like that Batman is back! Well not completely anyways, he still needs to explore his cave to remember everything he once was.

batman 48 review panel take me to my caveSnyder made some interesting comments suggesting that when Bruce comes back, his mind, body and spirit will be stronger from the accident. So it will be interesting to see what kind of Batman Bruce is once he returns.

Of course Jim Gordon is still Batman, so I’m sure we’ll get a cool team-up between the two Batmen.

So yeah it’s pretty great that we’re going to be seeing some Bruce/Batman action again. This whole amnesia thing was bound to wrap up before Batman v Superman came out anyways, so by March we’ll have our proper Bruce/Batman back in action.

As usual Capullo’s art was great in Batman #48. He has a knack for really make the tense moments so tense that your heart starts racing. From the panel of Joker ready to blow his brains out, to witnessing Liv transform, it was all really well put together.

Overall Batman #48 was a pretty satisfying issue, that finally took Bruce to a place where he needed to be. It’ll be fun to see Jim/Batman teaming up with Bruce/Batman next month. Oh and what the heck is about break out there at the end??? Looking forward to next month! 8/10.
Batman #48
Written by: Scott Snyder
Art by: Greg Capullo
DC Comics


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  1. Hey there. Could you please link me the relevant interview article with Snyder’s comments about Bruce coming back mentally and physically stronger? Sounds like an interesting interview. Issue was cool, can’t wait for him to lose the beard. I’m way more excited though for the next Justice League issue.


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