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Supergirl Episode 10 Discussion: What is Maxwell Lord up to?

supergirl episode 10 review discussion spoilers

Supergirl episode 10 continued to explore Maxwell Lord being dodgy as Winn’s dad makes a visit. And it’s safe to say I enjoyed this one as any episode with some Martian Manhunter action is a good episode to me. So let’s discuss Supergirl episode 10!

Spoilers follow.

First off lets talk about Toyman. I guess the thing with so many comic book TV shows airing right now, episodes start to feel familiar. So there was a bit of a Flash feel this episode (Toyman being similar to someone like Trickster), but it doesn’t matter.

It was great to get a Winn-centric episode. I’m normally a big Jimmy Olsen fan, but this Jimmy isn’t doing anything for me, so it was good to finally have more of a focus on Winn. Winn’s dad is of course Toyman. Having Winn’s evil dad escape allowed us to see a different side to him. A more open, vulnerable side, who definitely isn’t holding back with his feelings anymore.

Now I’m not really a fan of drawn out love triangles, but it was good that he finally told Kara (even though she probably should have realised a long time ago that was going to happen). Of course things didn’t end too well though.

So the question is, will Winn become the next Toyman? A big part of this episode surrounded Winn’s doubts over whether he’s fated to become like his father or not. I can’t imagine them making adorable Winn evil though, but it will be something he’ll struggle with for a long time.

supergirl episode 10 martian manhunter flying

Supergirl episode 10 also gave us some great Martian Manhunter action. The scene between him and Supergirl flying together was probably one of the coolest moments of the show. And we’re finally starting to see more of his powers.

People say Superman has too many powers, Martan Manhunter probably has more. One of the biggest aspects of his character, is his difficulty accepting himself. It’s easier to be an alien when you look like a hot human, in his natural form J’onn looks like a monster and its hard for him to be a hero when he thinks everyone is scared of him.

Over time we’ll see him become more comfortable with himself and hopefully use his abilities, to I don’t know, lead a team with others with abilities…

Next week we’ll hopefully get a lot more Martian Manhunter action, with his greatest enemies, the White Martians appearing.

And of course this episode Maxwell Lord continues to be mysterious and weird. Who knows what he’ll find out now that he has a camera attached to Alex. What’s his ultimate plan with Bizarro? Because now that J’onn knows about her, he better watch out.

Obviously Lord’s biggest point of view is that we don’t need aliens messing with our business. He believes humanity should be its own saviour, to not rely on others. He wants Supergirl gone, and clearly he will do anything to achieve that.


It’ll be interesting to see how far they take his character on the show. In the comics a big part of his character was his mind control abilities. It doesn’t seem like he has any of that right now, but perhaps they’ll have him achieve those powers later on. One of the biggest moments for his character in the comics was when he was mind-controlling Superman, which resulted in Wonder Woman snapping his neck. Doubt we’ll get anything that intense on the show, but it would be interesting to see what he would do with those powers.

Overall Supergirl episode 10 was a fun episode, which was more focused on the other characters than Supergirl herself. This world they’re creating on the show is starting to really flesh out nicely, and it’ll definitely be cool seeing the White Martians appear next week!

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  1. So far I’m loving this show. Interesting to see the 80’s Maxwell Lord turn into a Luthor sort, but even thought it’s cliched I find it works for the show. I also liked that he is totally different character from his Justice League International / Keith Giffen JLA appearances, although I have not read all of that run yet.
    Although the fights in Supergirl are brief I think they compare favorably to any other Superhero TV show or big screen movie. They always feel satsifying.


    • Yeah Lord is very Luthor like on the show but the producers have talked about his character evolving and moving away from that a bit which will be interesting to see.
      And yeah Supergirl has a much bigger budget compared to the other shows, so their action parts always look a lot better, and hopefully we’ll start getting more Martian Manhunter stuff!

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  2. Lord does seem a bit more like his modern version, being paranoid of powers and all, so it’d be interesting if he ends up being the antihero he’s been in the comics for a while. Speaking of which, where has Maxwell Lord been in the comics? Last time I checked, he was in the OMAC series that got canned during New 52, so who knows where he is.

    Haven’t watched the episode yet, but I’m not surprised what happened with Winn and Kara. I feel kinda sorry for him cause I can relate to that.


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