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Will Deadpool become the new Wolverine of the X-Men Universe? (Discussion)

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Deadpool is finally coming out this week, the reviews are strong and the hype is strong. It looks like Deadpool is going to become a massive success, so the question is how will Fox utilise his success?

For the longest time Wolverine has been the central figure in the X-Men/Fox universe. He gets the solo movies and is often the focus in the X-Men films. But now that Hugh Jackman is (probably) ending his time playing Wolverine, Fox will probably want someone else to be their new central figure.

They claim they don’t want to recast Wolverine, so it would have to be a new character. And right now it makes a lot of sense to have that character be Deadpool.

Because the marketing for Deadpool has been beyond perfect, and the critical reception for the film has also been really good (currently sitting at a nice 96% on RT), it’s clear that Deadpool will probably do very good numbers at the box office. 

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And as much as I love X-Men movies, it would be good to get something different other than a new threat arises, X-Men team up and take the threat down, rinse and repeat. Especially with the influx of superheroes in the market, it will be good to get something different, you know Deadpool different.

From Deadpool can spawn a whole new world of heroes. Heroes that aren’t as clean-cut as the ones we’re used to seeing. I expect there to be a Deadpool 2 and from there we could see a X-Force movie with Deadpool.

Because when Marvel and DC are out there giving us Captain America, Iron Man, Batman, Superman etc it would be good to see a different kind of superhero movie universe form.

I mean I don’t think we’ll ever stop seeing traditional X-Men movies, but I think Fox will shift their focus onto Deadpool a lot more. The mainstream public so far seem very receptive to Deadpool and soon people will start to get over the normal good guy vs bad guy routine.

deadpool fox x-men universe

Like I mentioned earlier Fox has failed to really create an overall brand identity the way Marvel have, and the way DC looks to be doing. Marvel and DC all have very distinct features about their universes that make them unique, whereas Fox has yet to really capture that just yet.

Having Deadpool be this central figure, or at least a figure that inspires a different kind of universe for Fox, will help Fox carve out a unique brand identity that gives them a stronghold in the market. If you want to see a fun adventure watch Marvel, if you want to see mythic stories watch DC, but if you want to see your heroes get a little dirtier watch Fox.

But of course this all hinges on the critical and audience reception to Deadpool. Considering we’ve already seen plenty of positive reactions, I think it’s safe to say that Deadpool will be a success, and will hopefully usher in a new wave of films by Fox, because they can’t rely on Wolverine forever.

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  1. Unlikely, though I’m sure he’ll be playing a bigger role in the X-Men universe from now on, its a bit of an exaggeration I think to say he could as central as Jackman’s Wolverine. For one thing, he doesn’t fit the serious, grounded tone of the core X-Men films, and for another, his R-rated antics would have to be toned down heaps, so it’d be killing his character’s personality by…well, judging from those trailers (kicking a decapitated head + swearing), a lot.


    • Yeah it depends on the direction they want to take their universe after Jackman leaves. I would love to see them put a little more focus on their bad guys and anti-heroes


  2. Deadpool is awesome and I’m really looking forward to the movie, but while it’ll probably be a success, part of it will get dragged down due to tying it to the X-Men movies. Yes Deadpool has ties to Wolverine, Cable, and others, but like Punisher with Spider-Man and even Wolverine with Hulk, he had beginnings with another well-known character, but went on to become his own thing and had major success on his own merits and what creators did with him over time. Deadpool is a character that’s EVERYWHERE in the Marvel Universe because that’s part of what makes him awesome. the problem with Fox’s stranglehold on the X-Men movies is that they’re trying to tie everything together even when it makes no sense. I know Marvel/Disney does this too, but everything tries to have its own strengths. DC is doing the multiverse and while it may get iffy, least they make it clear. Even when Fox did try to make something stand on its own, like the recent Fantastic Four reboot, it fell flat on its ass. Sooner or later Fox is gonna have to compromise and make a deal with Marvel with Sony. I know I keep saying it, but at this point I can’t see how it couldn’t be more apparent.


    • I just feel like Fox would always be too proud to ever make a deal with Disney. And I don’t think they need to. Maybe it’s limiting that they don’t have the entire MCU, but they can still tell great stories, and so far it’s looking like both Deadpool and Apocalypse are going to be great


  3. Get whoever made Deadpool to write one last Wolverine film and have Deadpool and Wolverine fight then begrudgingly team up.
    The old x continuity doesn’t matter. If Lamepool from Wolverine Origins needs explaining make it a throwaway gag for Deadpool about a clone / dead twin brother etc.
    Deadpool was hilarious, the whole crowd pissed themselves with laughter, I think he actually works much better in a film than the comics, some of the comics he just gets annoying and the jokes can fall flat being he is always “on”.


    • I would be down for that! I think it’s easy for the comics to not balance the story out enough and just have too much Memepool, but the movie did a good job with giving us the humour but with good story and character moments

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  4. You know, apart from the short lived MAX run, the Deadpool film was one of the few places he gets to swear uncensored instead of the usual comic books 5&#%$ %&$%^$@$@!!!. He was at his most Deadpooliest, and like Kick-Ass, I like the movie a lot more than the comics, which often have lame gags and little to no story or emotional connection. But the deadpool movie had swears, decapitations, a cool roundhouse kick of a guys decapitated head into another guy (satisfies the comic geek and horror nerd in me, also the action aficionado) AND had a reasonable story, and decent female characters for change. What more could you ask for?

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