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Captain America: Civil War – Ready for real drama to elevate the MCU

captain america civil war drama elevate marvel cinematic universe

The second Captain America: Civil War trailer came out and it definitely got everyone talking. As cool as it is to see Spidey, the trailer was enjoyable to me because for once I felt like this universe was real. What do I mean? Let’s get into that!

I’ll preface this by saying that overall I enjoy Marvel movies. Some are better than others, but overall the universe is pretty strong. I understand the importance of escapism in film, and Marvel movies have been really good at offering that. For two hours you get to witness fun stories about witty heroes and bombastic villains, and it’s a good time.

But you can have a fun movie, but also have there be more to it. Actions should have consequences, superheroes in the world should have a big impact. The drama always felt a little superficial in a sense in the Marvel movies (less so in the Captain America films though). Now that they’ve been building their universe for 8 years, it was time to change that, and change they did.

In comes Captain America: Civil War, and the tension is palpable. The opening shots of the trailer did a great job introducing the problem. We saw how hard it was for the heroes to witness their actions. To realise just beating up the bad guy isn’t enough to make you a hero. From their faces you saw that they were forced to look within and realise that they are also a major source for threat and terror.

captain america civil war trailer 2 drama

We have known and grown with these heroes for 8 years now, there’s an emotional connection there. And finally they are putting a story in place that utilizes this history. After everything The Avengers have been through, seeing this be the result of their team-up feels devastating.

We all remember what an amazing and happy moment it was when they first teamed up in The Avengers. It was a great moment. But it can’t always be happy-go-lucky, over time issues will arise and reach a boiling point. Civil War is that boiling point.

There’s a strong emotional and dramatic core to this movie that hasn’t been seen in the Marvel movies yet, to the same extent. An interesting debate arises and people are starting to have meaningful conversations. Who is right? Iron Man or Captain America.

You understand both perspectives and their conflicting ideologies. There are actual stakes in this game, so you have to really consider things before picking your side.

captain america civil war drama trailer

Do these heroes need to be governed? What gives them the right to intervene in such events anyways? Shouldn’t people have a say in what’s happening?

What happens when you let a group of unauthorised individuals place the fate of others in their hands?

I have a knee-jerk reaction of saying I’m Team Captain America, simply because I like the character better. But you need to think about it from the perspective of someone who actually lives in the world of the MCU. If I turned on the news to see a city being lifted into the sky as chaos erupts and find out that this is the result of someone we considered a “superhero”, I think I too will start questioning the validity of these heroes. Maybe we do need rules so they know they are consequences to their actions, that what they do affects everyone.

But then do we really want government controlled heroes? Politically neutral heroes tend to be more trustworthy, they’re not acting on the interests of some government body, they’re acting on the interests of the people. But then the question will always be, how will these heroes define what those interests are?

captain america civil war iron man drama conflict

It’s clear that things won’t be the same after Captain America: Civil War. The Russo Brothers have already talked about the supposed controversial ending, indicating that the ramifications of this movie will reverberate throughout the whole universe. And it’s exciting.

I’m not saying darker or more realistic movies are necessarily better, but having real drama and real thought-provoking conflict should be something to aspire to in these superhero movies as well.

And of course the drama will be balanced out with the lighter moments, you know like that Spider-Man guy. So basically this is all to say that I’m all in for Captain America: Civil War, less than 2 months to go!

As always feel free to share if you enjoyed! 🙂

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  1. I can just imagine… this is the movie that leaves the Avengers divided throughout Phase 3, then comes Thanos and the Infinity War, and they *must* work together again for greater good! 🙂 Oooh, I am excited! Eight weeks and counting! 😀


  2. I’ve been extremely excited for this movie since it was first announced a while back. I loved the original Civil War comic event, and feel that while the movie will have to cut some major corners in terms of storytelling, the overall feel of the comics will still remain. I agree with you that the more interesting aspect of the trailer wasn’t Spider Man, but rather the noticeably dramatic turn Marvel has taken in their cinematic storytelling. I’m glad I wasn’t the only one who spotted that! Keep up the awesome work.


  3. I really can’t wait. This plus Daredevil in a week and Batman vs. Superman in two. Best birthday month ever!
    Out of question, how did you make your title picture?


  4. Just watched that trailer right before reading your blog. It felt a bit disjointed, I kind of wondered what kind of impression people will get who have seen the Marvel films but not read Civil War – does the trailer really communicate WHY they are fighting. I didn’t get that from this trailer at all.

    However, if felt like the FIRST real Marvel Universe film that is an interconnected universe, you had avengers, spidey, an x-men/avengers character (Scarlet Witch) and although Black Panther wasn’t in this trailer, you know he’s in the film and it really feels like the marvel u on the big screen, rather than just the Avengers team.

    It would be great down the line if they went fuck it, we’re gonna put like everyone in one film, like avengers, spidey, daredevil (and other TV characters) and everyone they could for an event movie that mirror the gimmick yearly story lines from the comics like Secret Wars and that sort of thing. Basically any excuse to get as many characters into one film as possible. It would be awesome as a one off.


    • Well this is the 2nd trailer, so they first one did more of the introducing the whole why they’re fighting thing. And Black Panther was in the trailer! haha
      Putting them all together would be cool, but right now they don’t seem to be treating the tv universe as their equals unfortunately

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  5. As always you’re writing the good stuff. I get what you mean about the drama feeling real in Civil War as opposed to the previous films and this is certainly looking like the emotionally impactful of the films so far. Though I would argue that Iron Man and Winter Soldier also had some pretty solid in the drama and realism that wasn’t completely focused on lightheartedness and humour. But I am mainly looking forward to this film for pretty much the same reasons, some of my favourite aspects of the MCU films have been the character moments and beyond all action and chaos it does look like a very intimate and personal character-focused film and I hope that this film will give me the feels the way I want it to.


    • Thanks! True, there’s definitely been some good dramatic moments in the other films, but this one feels like a whole other level. I love that this does seem a lot more character driven, looking forward to it!

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  6. The only thing about this movie that worries me is that the original comic is polarizing, and for good reasons. Everything else about this movie looks amazing, and if the pre-screening reactions are any indication, this one will be at least as good as Winter Soldier.


    • Marvel aren’t known to stick exactly to the the comic stories, so I’m just they’ll adapt it in a way that works with their universe. But yeah reactions have been good, so I’m excited!


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