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What do you mean there’s 3 Jokers now? (Rebirth Discussion)

What do you mean there’s 3 Jokers now? rebirthSo obviously there were a lot big reveals from the start of DC’s Rebirth phase, but one of the most puzzling things to me is the fact that there are now 3 Jokers. This has been something that’s been building since Batman became Bat-God and asked the Mobius chair the true identity of the Joker. I guess he wasn’t exactly expecting the answer he got. So let’s talk Rebirth craziness!

We’ve heard discussions before about the Joker’s real origin possibly being revealed during the new phase of DC. The Joker’s identity actually being revealed wasn’t something I was personally a fan of. The Joker being such a mysterious chaotic force has always been part of the reason as to why he was so fascinating. We’re so used to getting origin stories explaining why these characters became the person they are now. But the fact that we simply don’t know what made this guy so messed up, dehumanised to him the point where you don’t really see him as a person, more just this chaotic monster who cannot be stopped.

During Scott Snyder’s run, the question of him being immortal was even brought up. But then it was quickly revealed that that wasn’t true, it was just the Joker messing with Batman. Or was he? Perhaps there’s more to the immortal story than was once believed.

three jokers rebirth immortal

Because now we’re hearing that there isn’t one Joker, there isn’t two Jokers, there’s three! Right now it seems that the three Jokers are:

  • The original Joker from the 1940s: He was crazy but not necessarily as dark as the next Joker
  • Killing Joke Joker: Things stopped being funny and he was truly terrifying
  • New 52 Joker: You know the one who was running around with his ripped off face taped to his flesh.

Now these Jokers are definitely 3 different people, as Rebirth mentioned that there were 2 in different places at the same time. So this isn’t some weird multiple personality thing or something like that, they are actually 3 different people (unless there’s some weird explanation as to how the same person can be at 2 different places at the same time, but you know, comics).

Thinking about what this means for continuity for too long makes your head hurt, have there always been 3? Do they decide between them who gets to mess with Batman for the next few years? But just going off the simple fact that there are 3 different people who are all the Joker, what does it mean, well for everything?!

what does it mean there are 3 jokers rebirth

Look, in the world of comics, weird things happen all the time. And you scratch your head, and you prematurely freak out (*cough* Captain America), but sometimes you just need to see where this is all going.

But for the sake of it, based on the little of what we know, I’ll make my snap judgment, I’m not a fan. My perception of the Joker (I know wahh not mah Joker) has been this person with a very strong philosophy. His actions are based on his skewed worldview. He believes that chaos is the normal state, and for people to act otherwise is to deny the true nature of life. So instead of trying to conform to what he perceives as abnormal behaviour, he acts just as crazy as how he perceives the world. To the Joker, he’s not really the crazy one, everyone else is. And what’s terrifying is that we don’t know why he sees the world this way. What happened to him that made him completely lose the notion of normalcy and sanity?

His chaotic nature draws him to Batman. He looks to Batman as someone like him, but is denying their true nature. Joker believes Batman wastes his time trying to create order, it doesn’t make sense. Which is why their relationship has always been so interesting to watch unfold.

three jokers what does it mean rebirth

But now that’s changed. Now we have 3 different people as the Joker. It’s no longer about one man’s strong philosophy conflicting with another, it’s about 3 different people with seemingly unknown worldviews and motivations. So my perception of the Joker has been completely confused, I have no idea who these 3 people are and the way they think.

The dynamic between Joker and Batman inherently changes with the fact that now we know there have been different people interacting with him.

But ya know, comics right. It would be unfair to completely dismiss this idea without first letting the creators tell the story. And maybe we’ll need to re-evaluate the way we view the Joker, but as long as the story is well executed then I can’t really complain. It’ll definitely be interesting to see how they explain this all!

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  1. My first thought is what come on that’s crazy …again it is DC doing what they do best/worse reinvent the wheel when it doesn’t need to be done …but as I read your post how many Batmans have there been…Bruce Wayne, Jean Paul Valley, Dick Grayson and….Jim Gordon… so 4 Batmen vs 3 Jokers seem right…now The Joker can sniff out the Batman who we know is Bruce Wayne from at least two …Jean Paul Valley and Jim Gordon …Dick is the closest to Bruce’s Batman but even he isn’t Bruce. So which Joker is the Bruce…of the joker ?


  2. I have a really cool theory…. one of the Joker’s is actually The Comedian from the Watchmen universe. What do you think?


      • Where did we see the 3 jokers? i always thought it was all speculation even in the comics still at this poiny


    • That would be terrible. The Comedian’s worldview is nothing like the Joker’s. Of course the people now in charge of DC don’t give a shit about the story content of the Watchmen so maybe they’ll do something that God-awful.


      • Idk, I always thought in The Comedians twisted view of the world, raping and murdering is something the Comedian does because he sees the world as a joke anyways. He might show remorse but Comedian actually finds joy in getting away with hurting others to some extent.


  3. What if one of the jokers is immortal or something like that. The others were people who had there lives messed up bad….the comedian, the gangster or the red hood leader. They came to meet the Pale Man aka first joker and he guided them…jokerized them. They followed him as agents of chaos. I don’t know maybe, I like the idea of the joker being around since the beginning of gotham. It makes more sense, he stay in the shadows of gotham doing his thing and than batman shows up and he sees a true dark companion in batman. He wants to hangout with him for etrinty. Plus if you think about, the way he always trying to jokerize people( to act and look like him). How he had all those Harley Quinn skeletons which could mean he had alot of sidekick side pieces over the many years he been around. Plus he never wants to kill batman he wants to kill everyone else around batman so in the end it’s just the two of them forever.


    • Who cares one joker is bad as a million jokers that was a waste of time with the joker immtoral just another way for dc to make money because there new 52 sucked the joker is just one man not a demon from hell or a super being who lived for years this isn’t Stephen King’s it the joker is crazy a mofo who want batman to kill him bring batman down to his level if you every read the killing joke or the death in the family the joker whole point is life is a joke batman never will kill him it not because he immtoral it because batman is better than that and life is good if you ask me they should just give him a name it’s that simple not three jokers not a 1000 just one that dumb thing they done the joker does like his life multiple choose so i guess it’s up who wants to guess


    • to me it’s starting to sound like there might be a “Joker” family like there is a Bat family. How one person took on the Cowl of Batman and then someone else did and that it’s being mirrored in The Joker Character.


  4. Ok so this might seem kind of dumb or maybe obvious but batman asks the chair what joker’s true name is and the chair says there are three. Everybody’s assuming this means there are three jokers, as in three separate persons, but if you just take it for what it says the answer is “there are three” as in, “the joker has three names”. Because he has three identities due to the fact that he’s just freaking psychotic.

    I don’t know why batman would rush to the conclusion that there are three different people who identify as “joker”, instead of just take it at face value, “the joker has three names.”

    Which is still annoying.


    • Did you read the article?
      “Now these Jokers are definitely 3 different people, as Rebirth mentioned that there were 2 in different places at the same time.”


      • The article isnt an official dc publication so its just fan theory
        clayface couldve been the second joker


  5. People cant take the 3 jokers seriously though
    all it said is “there are three”
    Three names not neseccarily 3 jokers
    if he has mpd and each personality rosponds to different names thats three names and one person
    in the issue when the joker was in two places at once it was most likely clayface
    We all know the joker is mentally unstable and mpd would just make him more unstable


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