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Gotham City Sirens: Harley Quinn, DCEU’s saviour

gotham city sirens harley quinn dceu saviour

It’s been discussed for a little while, but now it’s official, Harley Quinn is getting a spin-off movie! Gotham City Sirens, bringing back Margot Robbie and David Ayer. And just like the publishing side, the film side is focusing on its number one gal pal to help boost their success.

So we heard a few months back that Margot Robbie had made a producing deal to make a Harley Quinn spin-off movie. This movie would also be bringing together some of DC’s biggest female characters. Now we have a title, Gotham City Sirens. And assuming it’s following the comic by the same name, the main characters will be Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy and Catwoman. So is this a good idea?

Well let’s look at Suicide Squad. Critically, we know it didn’t do so well. It was a pretty divisive movie among the hardcore fans, but with the general audience it was overall pretty well received. It did end up doing $700m+ in the worldwide box office, and had pretty good legs for a comic book movie.

And not surprisingly, one of the most popular characters to come out of the film was Harley Quinn. She’s an adorable psycho, what’s not to love? So it of course makes sense for WB to capitalise off the character’s success.

gotham city sirens harley quinn dceu

DC have been doing this in the comics for a while now. If you follow the comics, then you know that Harley Quinn has a new special every second month. Because she’s such a quirky, unusual character, it’s easy to put her in any situation, and for it to make sense. Most recently there was a Rebirth Holiday Special, in which Harley of course took centre stage.

At the end of the day, Harley Quinn sells. The publishing side knows this, and the film side knows it as well. She’s not like the other heroes. She’s psychologically twisted and fascinating. She’s visually interesting (ya know, she’s hot in a crazy way) and she’s hilarious.

Now I’m not saying the DCEU necessarily needs a saviour, they are only 3 films in, but obviously they want something that’s a little more guaranteed. It’s not surprising they’re looking to Harley Quinn to be that guarantee.

Personally I’m happy they’re doing this. First of all, showcasing more female characters is always a great thing, and it could really give the opportunity to showcase the complexity of Harley Quinn. Whilst I mostly enjoyed Suicide Squad, I think choosing to show a Harley Quinn who still wasn’t independent from the Joker wasn’t the best move.

gotham city sirens harley quinn dceu

What could be interesting is showing Harley’s growth in character, her realising that the Joker is no good for her. And if Poison Ivy is in the movie, then I’m sure she’s going to want to keep the abusive Joker away from Harley. The journey of Harley’s independence from the Joker, and developing her own ideologies separate from him would be interesting to see.

Obviously once you become that involved with the Joker, it’s going to leave some permanent scars. Harley Quinn will never be completely good, but she’s not completely bad either, and that’s what separates her from the Joker.

And I think it would be good to have the Joker separate from Harley as well. I’d rather see him torturing Batman than chasing his girlfriend around. The Joker was underused in Suicide Squad, so it would be good to see him cause some real chaos. Although I did enjoy seeing a slightly more sensitive side to the Joker in Suicide Squad, I’m ready to see him get completely nuts again.

harley quinn gotham city sirens dceu

Overall I think it’s a smart move for WB to capitalise on Harley Quinn. And it gives us a chance to explore a different side to the DC universe. And obviously as soon as you hear something about a female-led comic book movie, you also hear a bunch of people getting triggered. Relax, at the end of the day a good story is a good story. And that’s definitely possible here.

Hopefully they’ll take a little longer to plan and develop this story compared to how Suicide Squad was handled. Although David Ayer will be directing this, he will not be writing it. Geneva Robertson-Dworet, an upcoming writer, will be handling that instead. So I have hope for this movie, and I’m sure WB will make a lot of money off of the great and wonderful Harley Quinn. 

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  1. Good to read another one of your articles after taking the past few months off. You must have been busy with other things. Anyway, I agree that the DC Extended Universe needs some stability. I want to see it compete with the Marvel Cinematic Universe, so maybe Bruce Timm and Paul Dini’s grand creation may be their answer.


  2. Glad to see you’re back! 🙂

    While I thought Suicide Squad is okay, it still had some problems. It’s great that Harley Quinn is getting a spinoff movie of sorts, but at the same time this is already in addition to the other movies set in the DCEU that are in development. Not to mention apparently DEADSHOT is getting his own spinoff movie for some reason other than it’s Will Smith and not anything else. I liked Will Smith’s Deadshot, but this is just after SS already came out and after DC decided to amend their “multiple versions” problem and have Michael Rowe be Deadshot again in Arrow, who I’ll be honest is my favorite depiction of the character. This just seems to spit in his face more. At least wait until a sequel is done.


    • Thanks!
      Yeah looks like they have a lot in development right now, so i hope they find focus instead of rushing multiple projects
      And I don’t think i would really want a Deadshot movie, even if Will Smith is the star


  3. Hi there, as usual you bring a lot of interesting thoughts to the table concerning this specific subject. Right now the DCEU needs a solid win, I’m hoping Wonder Woman will be the film that everyone likes. I’m liking the trailers, I’m still cautious, but optimistic. This Gotham City Sirens sounds like fun just because we’d get to see the character dynamic between Harley, Ivy and Catwoman (if they decide that they are the main three characters), Harley was fine in SS, but I am hoping for more fun/different situations where someone like her can use her skills and personality to the fullest.


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